7 Things a Woman expect from her man during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time in every woman’s life and marks the zenith of care and love she receives from the family and husband. She achieves the central place of importance in the family and gatherings and this really add cheers to her life amid the expectation of having a ‘gift of god’ in the time to come. While the expectations of a healthy and cute baby are adored by every one in the family, the expectations of the pregnant lady from the family members also increases.

Such expectations have some special orientations as far as her husband is concerned. Well, you should actually get prepared with some real genres of love, care and intimacy for your pregnant lady. She starts building up expectations since the very first of pregnancy symptoms!

Get to know of the things that your pregnant lady expects from you! Here is a bunch of seven facets with some simple to understand reasons behind them.

Things woman expect from husband during pregnancy.

Develop a greater sense of understanding

Well you may claim that you have it! However, think again since your expecting lady has adored some significant psychological upbeats and thinks that she needs to be heard and understood. Leave the quarrels behind and develop some good and healthy patience that is stable enough and not of aggregating type! She wants you to listen to her and her theory behind the conclusion. The high cortisol during pregnancy makes her little stressed and intolerable also to some extent. Take care of such changes. The only way to develop such good understanding is become a good listener and remember it will substantiate your life with some real positives in future. Such a change in your behavior instills a sense of closeness and confidence in your lady towards you and she cherishes that for life. Just don’t miss that opportunity!

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Never hesitate for a helping hand

Your special lady wants you to shed your cozy life styles and get really active in home management and allied activities. Try and look out for those tasks that can be taken up by you and which can pull down some burden off the shoulders of your pregnant wife. Learn to assist her in small things. Such an orientation change is of less physical importance and of more psychological! Your lady wants to see you as a supporting and assistive man of her life who can father her child well! A sort of evolutionary process that has been designed by Nature almost in a disguised manner. When we get to know of it, it charms our mind and thought!

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Tell her she is special

Although she is special for you but need to tell her by yourself and pregnancy is the best time when she would like to listen it from you! She wants to believe that she is carrying some really significant purpose for her husband and she is special to him. Well, you may be wondering about how to proceed after those few words since you just can’t go repeating them all the time. Have morning and evening walk with her daily while taking time out from your busy schedule. Tell her what aspects of her personality mesmerize you and how her entry into your life has made you a man. This may seem easy but it is no less an art; short however of college time flirting! Just don’t do that!

Give her time

Time is one of the most crunched factors after money in today’s life but it depends upon your personal management to take the time out for her. None of the pregnant lady wants to be neglected on the pretext of – “I don’t have time” syndrome!” Manage your routines and fix some evening time at least when you can sit with your special lady and have some easy going light talk or watch some DVDs to learn all about pregnancy and allied care!  You can read out some book she loves or tell her about successful pregnancy tips during the bed time after meal.

Indulge in romance

Romance is the most cherished delight for a lady and every one of the adolescent girls grows young cherishing the dreams of a romantic life partner in future. Well this is the best pampering that your lady desires and deserves during her pregnancy! You can also get intimate and have sex in the early months but only after your gynecologist’s advice. Sex hormones like estrogen increases multifold and generates the sex drive during pregnancy.

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Plan the future with her

She would always like you to have time with her and plan the future aspects of the child that include long time concerns like education and finances and immediate fancies like ‘name’ of the child.

Never show your vulnerability

Your pregnant lady just don’t want the father of her child to be weak or vulnerable in any sense. Just hold your inconsistencies and try to get better (however, this does not mean arrogance!). This is of course a psychological offshoot with evolutionary dimension but significant enough!

These were seven things from the wishlist of ‘many’ that your pregnant lady expects from you. Take care to incorporate these as habit. It may take some time but are sure to earn dividends of a happily ending and successful pregnancy!

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