Healthy Food Ideas for a Busy Person

In such a competitive era, no one has the time to focus on their health. All they are worried about is how to expand their business and generate higher revenues. With a view to concentrate your business, you ought to be healthy. Healthy body and mind enables one to remain physically active and alert throughout.

Here are few healthy food ideas that are ideal for a busy person like you.

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1. Greek Yoghurt

Snacking on Greek Yoghurt especially when your running busy is the smartest choice. Low on cholesterol, Greek yoghurt runs down the risk of encountering cardiovascular diseases. Low fat coupled with high proteins and calcium makes it a perfect item to strengthen your bones and muscles. If you are always in a hurry, make sure to have at least one cup of Greek yoghurt to maintain your healthy lifestyle in this busy world.

2. Hummus & Healthy Vegetables

Taste packed with health, hummus is the perfect choice to snack on. Excellent source of proteins, vitamins and other minerals, hummus does not help in promoting stronger bones but also encourage tiny waists. It is equipped with nutritional fibers that help slow digestion and the quantity of proteins present keep your tummy filled for a longer time, thus negating your cravings for some other items. Hummus coupled with few veggies give a great experience to your taste buds. Try it out with a few carrots, spinach or beet-root. Make your own healthy combination.

3. Sandwiches

The most time efficient and healthy food during your busy days can be green leafy veggies or cucumber salad tossed in mayo or mustard sauce, packed within the whole wheat breads. Top up your sandwich with lettuce or spinach. By preparing sandwich you can ensure yourself of having a satisfied and healthy daytime meal. What is the need of feasting on run-down foods when in no time you can prepare delectable yet healthy sandwiches?

4. Tortilla Wrap

A good alternative to sandwiches is a tortilla wrap. You can experiment a variety of filling combinations in tortilla wrap to instill taste factor in it. Sauté mushroom and broccoli coupled with a few spinach leaves makes tortilla wrap a healthy package. Alternatively, toss veggies with whole grains or brown rice and make it more stuffing. Decide upon the veggie combinations that increase proteins, calcium, vitamins and fibers in your body.

grain snack5. Whole Grain Snack Bars

When you are in a real rush and have no time to even, gulp a glass of milk, there comes convenient food packed with nutrition and taste. The whole grain snack bars come in different varieties and taste. Keep a stock of such bars in your car to ensure that you will never go hungry during your busy times. Since, the whole grain bars come in various other varieties, it is important for you to make a smart choice while choosing one. Their wrappers say it all. Check out the quantities of cholesterol, fibers and sugar mentioned on the wrapper and choose accordingly.

6. Fruits

Juicy, pulpy and succulent fruits at times make their way to the top of the food list. Running around here and there under the disguise of scorching heat makes you dehydrated and impotent. That’s the time when you require something syrupy to quench your thirst and abreast give you the power to overcome your dullness. What can be better than fruits like watermelon, oranges, strawberries, apples or musk melon. All these come packed with nutrients sufficient to boost health factor in your body.

7. Scrambled Eggs with veggies

Eggs are the powerhouse of all vital nutrients and minerals. Equipped with an excellent amount of proteins, eggs help in building your bones and repair tissues. Scrambled eggs mixed with some palpable yet healthy veggies like broccoli, onions, carrots, and zucchini and tossed with black pepper and cheddar cheese not only provide you clean bill but great experience to your taste buds.

8. Brown Rice Bowl

brown riceWhen it comes to taste, brown rice is not as flavorsome as white rice, but it has taken highest grades in health. The brown rice kernel is enveloped with husk which is removed during the refining process. Thereby keeping the minerals and vitamins of brown rice unharmed. Brown rice is rich in fibers and bolsters bowel movement and enhances the function of metabolism thus encouraging weight loss. One bowl of brown rice keeps you filled for hours and negates the inessential craving for tit bits.

Keep yourself healthy while you are busy by choosing healthy food ideas that are quick on your time and delicious on your tongue.

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