How to Gain Weight Quickly for Women

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. This is the phrase which every woman in this world would crave to accomplish. Every woman wants to be pretty, healthy and of course gorgeous. In this globalized and a fast moving world, nobody has time to spend days and nights, shedding their hair by finding ways to remain healthy. Having being surviving in such a busy world, all the women are facing common health issues. Contrary to what many people think, it is equally important to add some right weight to look really good. Thus, for helping you to gain that right weight here some simple, easy and very little time consuming tips that will definitely help you increase your body proportion.

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How to Gain Weight Quickly for Women

  • Calorie Intake

First of all, you need to increase your calorie intake by at least 500 on an everyday basis. This will definitely help you gain weight at a right proportion along with helping you to get rid of that sluggish and bloated look. However, you must keep in mind that the calorie intake must be through healthy food which are rich in carbohydrates like nuts, fruits and sweets, not through junk food as it will only make you look sick.

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Besides carbohydrates, you must remember to take in lots and lots of healthy fat-rich food. You must include items which are high in nutrition and fats such as seeds, butter, peanuts, avocados, salads and green vegetables. You can also add fats through animal sources such as meat and milk.

The lovers of chocolates can indulge in them as much as possible. You can also pamper yourself in sweets or candies. Instead of those brown bread choose white bread. Don’t forget to include tons of fresh fruits and vegetables. These products are good for all health issues.

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  • Protein Intake

The intake of protein in your diet must be kept in mind and not at all to be neglected. Protein must be your first option when you think of gaining weight as it will help in building lean muscles and not only focusing on making you fat. Consuming protein rich food such as poultry products, meat, whole grains, fish and diary products will definitely help you if you are planning for some natural weight gain.

Proteins Intake

Eggs must be included and make sure you have the yolk part. The yolk has more calories. The protein rich foods will also give you strength as well that most of the women may need to carry on the daily tasks.

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  • Change in appetite

The consumption of all these nutrients enables you to have a change in your appetite. You need to increase your ability to eat. Rather than having the normal three meals a day you must try and consume six meals a day.


For the beginners, it may be a tough task and you may end up feeling that you are over-eating, but gradually you will adjust with this new routine and that amount of food intake would sound casual to you and would fit-in your comfort zone. For a better idea, instead of taking that small plate, have foods in larger plates.

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  • Changing lifestyle

Besides eating, and changing the amount of your food intake you must have a change in your lifestyle as well. You need to ignore the pressure of meeting the next day’s deadlines and have a sound sleep of at least eight hours a night. You even need to quit smoking, alcohol and caffeine as the intake of such items would only happen to suppress your appetite.Though quitting them is a tough task and not a matter of joke, but you need to do it for a healthy body. Instead of caffeine, replenish your thirst by drinking juice or smoothies.

Don’t forget to consume not less than eight litres of water in one day. Water will remove the unwanted toxins from your body thereby helping you to gain weight absolutely naturally.

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  • Workouts

You are sure to gain weight by following the amount of consumption mentioned here, but to have better results, you also need to work out in order to gain muscle mass. Exercises which help in gaining mass such as crunches, bench presses, leg curls and push-ups can be followed which will gain weight as well as burn calories which can be replenished further by more and more protein intake.


At last, the most vital thing regarding this weight gain process is that the proper and the right follow-up will not only focus on gaining weight but also focuses to make you healthy with an overall change in your life style and of course your attitude towards food. Just stay dedicated and try not to stress yourself. It may not be easy, but it should be done to look healthy and happy. After all, healthy people are happy people.

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