Know about the Tricks to lose weight for Men

Weight loss has become a fashion not only for women but for men too. Having a good physique is a dream for every man because it not only makes you feel good, but it makes you better from inside. Exercising and maintaining a healthier regime makes a man healthy and wise.

how to lose weight for men
Weight loss in any individual, that is intentional, reduces risks of health. Exercises makes you lose weight by making your body work out more than in taking of food consumption. Burning fat is necessary for losing weight by exercising in a daily routine. There are some best exercises for weight loss for men.


There are some exercises for men who can do wonders to cut the fats and flabs. Well planned and dedicated work out helps to lose weight. Herein is a brief list of some of the leading exercises that may help to lose weight for men.


Cardio exercises are best for men to lose weight. The use of the machines helps to monitor cardio vascular exercises. Cardiovascular exercises are very helpful in burning fat in your body. There are two kinds of cardiovascular exercises which are low intensity and high intensity state training. As you use this machine the heart rate is always monitored. This exercise should be done twice a week for at least 20 to 30 minutes.


Circuit training to burn fat. What you simply have to do is take a skipping rope and jump 50 circles and then quickly grab 15lb dumbbells and do ten squats then again, do 50 circles of the jump and then repeat it with squats. Steadily increase everyday jumping circles and squats too. This lovely fat burning exercise will do wonders for you in losing your stubborn weight.



With losing weight, the body muscles should be toned too. These walking push-ups help you tone the whole upper body. It’s just another cardiovascular exercise which will help all men out here. Normal push-ups just put a paper plate under left hand and do push ups while moving forward. Continue with the same with other hand. Three body work outs a week will help you tone up your upper body.




chair-squatsCHAIR SQUATS

If you really want to burn your fat faster, leg exercises are the best way to burn calories. Just as you sit on the chair put yourself in that position do squats by pushing your hands forward. Do this squat position with ten counts. Do this for ten to twelve times in three sets with 90 second recovery period.

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Daily Routine For Weight Loss For Men

However to make sure these exercises are fruitful you might need to add some few things as well. For achieving a perfect body, one has to maintain a daily routine or you can say have to change one’s lifestyle? There are some points which have to be kept in mind by men while trying to lose weight; when taken seriously, they can can boost up your loss of calorie that you aim to have by exercises.
• Before going out for any dinner party, have protein shake which makes your tummy full and makes you consume less food.

• Whatever has eaten should be over by 8 pm. Before sleeping you can have a small snack so that you do not feel hungry.

• Avoid using elevators and escalators. Whenever you get this opportunity use stairs.

• Always park your car away from the spot where you are going so that you can have a power walk. Even if you use the bus, get down a stop before you need to.

• You can have proper food one day only. Might be on Fridays or Saturdays.

• Workout should be in your diet plan. Just by eating less will not help you with your diet. If you really want to lose weight and have no time to work out, then hit the gym at least on the weekends.

• Oven cooked foods are best as they have lesser calories and providing food with almost no oil.

• Food should be consumed in six portions in a day, which means six small meals.

• Indulge yourselves in salads and veggies.
In case if you have a hectic schedule and get no time to workout, make sure to follow the above rules. When done everyday, these simple tricks can actually be really effective ways.
Apart from these basics, you can also try out other simple but very effective exercises like skipping, jogging, swimming or simply walking.

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Keeping track of your weight loss is the most important thing which one has to do it religiously. Losing weight too fast is also not good. The best way is to keep contact with your dietician or your doctor about your weight loss planning so that they can help you in all the best ways.

So men what are you waiting for! Here are some fabulous exercises for you to lose weight easily if you follow the terms correctly. Your physique will talk about your personality. Always follow healthy life and add in some exercise as your daily routine to keep yourself healthy.

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